Meet refrigeration adopts the third Generation shape-c arc-eveporator, which utilizes the air-driving flow theory. Smooth outer and inner faces of the Evaporator can guarantee a well-proportioned distance and fluent airflow between indoor crossflow fan and heat exchanger, thus avoids the whirl of airflow and reduces the working structure, the C model increases the heat exchanging area by 15-30% and raises the heating and cooling speed by 12-25% in the same efficient space.
Cold Plasma is a device that ionizers the airby positive and negative high voltage electrodes simulteaneously. Through air ionization, it can reduce dust, relieve stress and improve immunity doubly.
Energy-saving technology, cut energy consumption to 0.5W when standby.
The Indoor unit is improved by the optimized motor fan and air duct so as to provide long distance airflow of 40+ft.
Nepoleon AC's Turbo Function can bring down the current temperature of the room by 1.5 degree within 1 minute & increase 45% cooling efficiency.
The wind can blow to every corner in the room. 3D airflow cools the room quickly and makes users more comfortable
Save yourself from the hassle of resetting the Air-conditioner after load shedding. Nepoleon Air-conditioner restarts automatically with its previously applied settings when the power returns.
Cooling efficiency with machine longevity. Copper, being a good conductor of heat and electricity, enables faster cooling.
Prevent indoor unit from drip, air conditioner adjusting the flap and air flow automatically.
When turning off the unit after cooling. It will automatically dry the remaining water in evaporator and keep the unit from mildew, and then turn off automatically after 3 minutes.
Digital LED display indicates the status more clearly and it's more fashionable.
When SMART function is set, the air conditioner will regulate the fan speed, set temperature and choose operation parameter automatically according to the room temperature.
Sleep mode can keep the room temperature in certain level and protect people from getting cold, in order to help your sleep